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  • UConnBall's Recruiting Roundup

    Joey Natale and Ozzie Shah

    Another highly anticipated recruiting roundup is here. It's October and the season is near.

    2012 Forward Jarnell Stokes:

    UConn has slowed down on Jarnell's recruitment. Don't expect the top player out of Memphis to take an official visit. We believe that Memphis is in best position for Stokes' talents.

    2012 Forward Amile Jefferson:

    UConn has picked up on the recruitment of Amile since the late summer period. On September 29th, UConn's Head Coach Jim Calhoun and Assistant Coach Kevin Ollie went to Friends Central High School in Pennsylvania to watch Jefferson and his teammate, 2014 point guard Conrad Chambers practice. Jefferson took his official visit to UConn during the First Night festivities. Through sources, we have learned that Amile really enjoyed his campus visit.

    2012 Power Forward Anthony Bennett:

    It has been made clear that Anthony Bennett is UConn's top priority for the class of 2012. UConn has been recruiting him very hard and before he became a top flight recruit. In fact, UConn's Head Coach Jim Calhoun went to Bennett's school first, in Las Vegas to watch him workout as soon as the contact period began this fall. Since then, UConn has seen him again in late september, and will be there this Wednesday to watch Bennett practice. UConn will also be at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas to watch other targets, 2013 guard Rashad Muhammad and 2015 center Stephen Zimmerman.

    2013 Guard Xavier Rathan-Mayes

    Xavier picked up a highly appreciated offer from UConn last week. Xavier has ties to UConn, as his father lives in Connecticut and he has a great relationship with UConn's Assistant Coach Kevin Ollie. Here's what Rathan-Mayes thinks about his UConn offer:

    2013 Bigs Nerlens Noel and Goodluck Okonoboh

    From a recent interview, we have learned that Noel is being recruited by Syracuse the hardest. UConn is coming in very hard as well, and so are other schools. Noel confirmed with UConnBall that he will stay in the 2013 class and not reclassify to 2012. As with Goodluck, he remains wide open and wants to enjoy the process. Goodluck mentions UConn, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Gonzaga, Minnesota among others. Here's our latest sit down with Goodluck:

    UPDATE- with 2012 PF DaJuan Coleman in the fold at Syracuse, we feel good, as of now in UConn getting either or both of these big men.

    2013 Forward Chris Walker UPDATE

    Chris has decided that he will not announce his commitment on November 15th. Chris recently told UConnBall that Kansas is his leader followed by Florida, Kentucky, UConn, Memphis, Ohio State, Florida State and Louisville in that order. He will decide when he feels he's ready.

    2013 Shooting Guard Brannen Greene UPDATE

    Brannen recently told UConnBall that he has trimmed his list to UConn, Louisville, Florida, Kansas, Harvard, Florida State, Providence, Ohio State and Memphis. He is looking to make his decision sometime in December. UConn has put themselves in nice position with Brannen.

    2014 Power Forward Justise Winslow

    Winslow is one of the top players of his class. He currently lives in Houston, Texas and his mother is living in Connecticut. We have learned that UConn will enter his recruitment.

    [2014 and 2015 Midnight Madness Visitors]

    UConn had plenty of talented recruits on their campus on October 14th for First Night festivities. 2014 targets such as local players Noah Vonleh and Kahari Beaufort were on campus while local 2015 bigs, Jarred Reuter and Jeremy Miller saw the sights. Here's what these recruits thought about Midnight Madness:

    As usual stay with UConnball as we will continue to have the latest with all the UConn targets present and future.
    Comments 18 Comments
    1. Ozzie33's Avatar
      Ozzie33 -
      How do guys like my rhyme at the beginning of this.....
    1. M.V.P's Avatar
      M.V.P -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ozzie33 View Post
      How do guys like my rhyme at the beginning of this.....
      You're the Walt "Clyde" Frazier of basketball recruiting.
    1. Zionn's Avatar
      Zionn -
      thanks - keep all this info here and you are making it harder to want to go anywhere else
    1. arnie3's Avatar
      arnie3 -
      Does Xavier commit soon?
    1. chevtheman's Avatar
      chevtheman -
      Quote Originally Posted by arnie3 View Post
      Does Xavier commit soon?
      Most likely not. But that could be a possibility. I would say no
    1. HuskyBballFan's Avatar
      HuskyBballFan -
      Great write-up. My only question - are we being a little too overly optimistic on Noel and Goodluck? Coleman to Syracuse certainly can't hurt, but isn't it a little early to be saying that you "feel good about Uconn getting either or both of these big men?"
    1. uchusky32's Avatar
      uchusky32 -
      Thanks always good info. How is this conference alignment thing playing with bb recruits?
    1. pfisticuffs's Avatar
      pfisticuffs -
      pure poetry...
    1. UCutNetsdown's Avatar
      UCutNetsdown -
      Great stuff guys! I too am worried about this conference mayhem affecting our recruiting efforts uchusky.
    1. dcwalker03's Avatar
      dcwalker03 -
      Dajuan Coleman committed to Syracuse today.
    1. UConnBaby!'s Avatar
      UConnBaby! -
      Awesome stuff fellas! As a new member this is site is the best!!
      In my opinion, I dont think the conference realignment stuff really affects recruits that much in bball. Yes football maybe but in Basketball you can win coming from the southland conference and get into the tourney and go. UCONN is such a big brand and name internationally and nationally that it should not matter. Plus the current BigEast is still by far the best and will be for another about 2 more years. So by then UCONN should know where they stand and what conference they move to.
    1. Ozzie33's Avatar
      Ozzie33 -
      Quote Originally Posted by M.V.P View Post
      You're the Walt "Clyde" Frazier of basketball recruiting.
      Haha... thanks bro!
    1. Ozzie33's Avatar
      Ozzie33 -
      Quote Originally Posted by HuskyBballFan View Post
      Great write-up. My only question - are we being a little too overly optimistic on Noel and Goodluck? Coleman to Syracuse certainly can't hurt, but isn't it a little early to be saying that you "feel good about Uconn getting either or both of these big men?"
      Huskybball maybe but I am a confident person like our Coaches are. Yes it is early but things are looking good on this front.... a little better so in my opinion we can feel good!
    1. dmike's Avatar
      dmike -
      To be honest, I have a lot more angst over Uconn's apr and a potential post-season ban from the NCAA torunament in 2013 and beyond than conference reallignment. Thank goodness the dip**** who runs the NCAA mispoke about a ban in 2012. Uconn's APR needs to climb from 893 to 930 by March, 2013 and its virtually impossible to do so by the time the 930 number goes into effect, which means Uconn will have to apply for a waiver. I can just see other coaches using this against Uconn on the recruiting trail - Calipari probably already is. What recruit will want to come to Connecticut if Uconn can't play in the NCAA tournament? The academic situation needs to get resolved immediately.
    1. pfisticuffs's Avatar
      pfisticuffs -
      Hey Oz or Chev any update on Shaq Goodwin?
    1. Ozzie33's Avatar
      Ozzie33 -
      Nothing concrete yet. We will be getting a hold of him again but he has his list of 5 with UCONN not in there as we made a strong push late but not confident here.
    1. M.V.P's Avatar
      M.V.P -
      Anything on Tyrone Haughton?
    1. Ozzie33's Avatar
      Ozzie33 -
      Quote Originally Posted by M.V.P View Post
      Anything on Tyrone Haughton?
      His coach said soon in November, but that is it. I personally dont think we are really after him at this point.

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